Tim Wagner

General Manager, AWS Serverless Compute

As the General Manager of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, Tim Wagner tames microservices in his sleep. Prior to joining AWS, he was a Director of Development for Visual Studio overseeing the C# and VB languages, diagnostic and architecture tools, and the IDE platform. He has also served on the Eclipse Foundation Board and held various open source roles. Product and research interests include massively scaled software systems, developer productivity tools, and incremental algorithms. Pretty handy if you’re running a service which allows developers to increase their productivity whilst deploying massively scaled software systems.

John Gossman

Lead Architect, Microsoft Azure

John Gossman is lead architect on Microsoft Azure, where he spearheads technical strategy and partnerships for Linux and open source technologies. He has driven strategic relationships with companies such as Red Hat, Docker, Mesosphere, Canonical, Chef and Puppet, and serves on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors. John is also the co-author of the Microsoft REST API guidelines.

Jason McGee

IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform

Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, is VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform. Jason is currently responsible for the Bluemix foundational developer services, including Containers and Blueprints. Jason is also responsible for the technical strategy and architecture for all of IBM’s Cloud Developer Platform. Previously Jason has served as CTO of Cloud Foundation Services, Chief Architect of PureApplication System, WebSphere Extended Deployment, WebSphere sMash, and WebSphere Application Server on distributed platforms.

Austen Collins

Founder and CEO of Serverless, Inc.

Austen is an Amazon Web Services Community Hero, the creator of the Serverless Framework and founder and CEO of Serverless, Inc., a venture-backed start-up that offers zero-administration, event-driven tools and infrastructure. He’s a software engineering leader with a passion for building cohesive development teams, high-performance, web-scale, distributed systems, and elegant developer tools.